My debut album Atem aus Stroh was released on 21.08.01 under my composer name Inschrift Aura on all streaming services. It contains all tracks listed below with the addition sketch and the title track in the original version including video.

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Here you can see only my instrumental compositions and my songs with English lyrics. 

For songs with German lyrics please look under Komposition.

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Inschrift Aura – under this assumed name you can find my ambient electronic tracks on all streaming or download platforms.

Thomas Arens – under my real name you find my songs (mostly with spiritual lyrics).

…a view on my workspace – the place where I compose, mix, record, arrange, work on my texts and lyrics, prepare my DJ-Sets and organize the Thomas Arens Combo. Click for more details. 

You may notice that I like sitting on the floor while I am working.

...a view on some of my mastering tools

On my YouTube-Channel Inschrift Aura you can find my ambient – electronic – psytrance – hypnotic – deep – downtempo – chillout – or electronic experimental music.

On SoundCloud you can also find my current compositions, my older compositions and some sketches.